Lane Bryant is advertising its newest lingerie collection, redefining 'sexy', and changing the conversation about 'plus-size' all at the same time! With its new #ImNoAngel campaign, the world is taking notice, and taking to social media to show their support. But, does the hashtag have anything to do with NOT being a Victoria's Secret Angel? Find out here!


Plus size brand, Lane Bryant, released a super sexy lingerie campaign ... and it's completely changing the plus-size conversation, as well as redefining the term "sexy."

The ad, which is part of the hashtag, I'm No Angel campaign, features models Ashley Graham (we know her from Sports Illustrated), Marquita Pring, Candice Huffman, Victoria Lee, Justine Lagault, and Elly Mayday.

The video, which coincides with a print campaign starring the same models, highlights Lane Bryant's new lingerie line, Cacique. But it also showcases the brands message of diversity and inclusion. Now if you're wondering if the I'm NO Angel hashtag has anything to do with not being a VICTORIA'S SECRET angel, who, as you know has been publicly scrutinized for its failure to show more relatable body types in its advertising (remember the perfect body campaign?!) Well ... Lane Bryant CEO, Linda Heasley, COYLY explained the hashtag, saying "I think it's what you want it to be. The intent is to be fun, it's tongue in cheek." Healy also said that the term plus size has been left out of all press materials and ad copy because quote "We believe it's about fashion and all women deserve fashion. It's about making all women feel beautiful and sexy, they don't want to be constrained."

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