Fitzgerald Cecilio

Chicago, IL

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose still doesn't have a return date in mind with only a month remaining in the 2013 NBA regular season.

"It could be tomorrow and I feel like I could play the next game," said Rose, who tore his left ACL on April 28 and underwent surgery on May 12. "Nobody knows but God."

Rose said that he can feel the explosion coming back into his game and that he has gotten stronger with the constant rehab over the past 10 months.

But he also acknowledged that he is still fighting through the same general soreness and pain that he has been dealing with throughout the process.

"Where when you warm up a little bit [the knee] will be loose then the activity will pick up then it will get back sore," he explains.

Rose added that at only 24 years old, he's got the whole future in front of him and that he is just looking after his health.

The Bulls star point guard said in February that he was in the "high 80s" as far as being back to 100 percent healthy, but he did not want to put a percentage on his health after Thursday's shootaround.

He denied rumors that his health suffered a setback after it was observed that it is taking him more time that usual to recover from an ACL injury.

With the electrifying guard commanding most of the minutes at the point since his arrival, the Bulls' PG PER rose from 21st in 2007-08 to first in 2010-11. With Rose on the bench this season the Bulls rank 16th.








Sore Knee Keeps Bulls Star Derrick Rose from Returning