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Philadelphia, PA

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant insists his mother Pamela Bryant doesn't own the memorabilia she intends to sell at an auction house and hasn't been truthful about how she got them.

He says he confronted his mother during a phone call, telling her, Mom, you know I never told you that you could have the memorabilia.' Her response was, 'Yes, but you never said you wanted it, either.' "

Kobe's attorney had sent a cease-and-desist letter to the auction house, Goldin Auctions of West Berlin, of next month's sale by his mother of memorabilia, dubbed as "The Kobe Bryant Collection", consisting of clothing, awards and other items from Kobe's career as a high school and professional player.

Goldin Auctions took the dispute to federal court in Camden a week ago, asking that it be allowed to sell the memorabilia, contending the player's mother owns the more than 100 items. It added that it already paid a $450,000 advance to Pamela Bryant, who wanted to buy a new house in Nevada.

The ballplayer disputes his mother's claim, made in a lawsuit by Goldin Auctions, that he and his wife had no interest in the collectibles.

Kobe claimed he had requested his mother to return the property several years ago so that he may give it to his children, but it was never returned to him.

"I never told my mother that she could have my personal property, let alone consign it for sale by public auction," Kobe Bryant says in a response filed in federal court in Camden.

He added that two items offered by his mother for auction, a Teen Choice Award Surfboard and a trophy, were last seen by him in his own home.

Bryant says his mother can claim ownership of only two items, NBA Championship rings that he had custom-made for his parents.

Pamela contends that the collectibles have been in her possession for at least 15 years, and has stored the items in West Berlin over the past five years at a cost of $1,500 per month.

Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant is in a legal spat with his mother, Pamela Bryant, who wants to auction his memorabilia








Kobe Bryant Fights Mom over Memorabilia