If you’re like most drivers, you’d like to get where you need to go with as little frustration and aggravation as possible.

In the past several years, many providers have started to bring real-time traffic information into the cockpit in the dedicated navigation systems and in mobile devices. But to take that one step farther, we now have traffic forecasting.

By collecting huge amounts of historical data for hundreds and hundreds of different roads and streets, Beat the Traffic’s traffic forecasting is able to give drivers a very educated idea about what they can expect at any given time and day.

Instead of hitting the road with no idea of what the highways might have in store for them, drivers can refer to the traffic forecasting information via their iPhone or BlackBerry app in order to plan their trip accordingly.

Using the traffic forecasting feature, drivers can avoid heavily congested areas and choose alternative routes. At any given moment, users can refer to their mobile device to enjoy up-to-the-minute information about current traffic conditions in their area or elsewhere.

Roadwork and traffic incident information can be accessed quickly, allowing drivers to plan ahead with incredible precision. Live camera pictures are available for 33 cities too. Both iPhone and BlackBerry apps are available free, and there is a premium Blackberry app that costs $9.99.



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