Do you have a beat-up car sitting on blocks in your front yard? Is a beater taking up needed room in the corner of your garage?

What you might not realize is that you can turn these problem cars into cash, and it's easier than you could possibly imagine.

Estimates are that over 14 million cars are scrapped on a yearly basis, and now a company called Cash for Cars Quick is trying to take advantage of that by offering cash for old cars and then recycling them.

Instead of simply crushing cars for disposal in a landfill, Cash for Cars Quick strips them of their reusable parts and melts down the remaining metal. The metal can then be a used to create new products. Many consumers don't realize that because of the increases in the prices of commodities and used parts, the typical inoperable car has more value than they'd guess.

"So-called junk cars are actually worth a surprisingly large amount of money, and Cash for Cars Quick pays between $100 and $500 for most cars. Larger SUVs and other such vehicles can fetch even more," says company CEO William Leonard, "and now we are virtually everywhere, so this makes us an option for anyone living in this country."

Cash for Cars Quick strives to take the hassle out of disposing of a junk car.

Sellers need only call the toll-free number at 888-862-3001 or fill in the form on the website to arrange to have the car picked up. In most cases, a tow truck will arrive within 24 hours to take the vehicle away. In as little as a week, the seller will have a check in the mail



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