Hybrid cars are good for the environment, and natural gas cars are good for the environment, so shouldn’t natural gas-fueled hybrid cars be good for the environment too? 

The answer is an emphatic yes, according to the American Public Gas Association (APGA), NGVAmerica and Hybrid Kinetic Motors Corporation (HK Motors).

These three entities have announced the formation of a strategic collaboration to promote the mass production and sales of natural gas-powered hybrid passenger vehicles.

HK Motors plans to begin producing a family of light-duty natural gas hybrid-electric passenger cars at its plant in Alabama beginning in 2013. Natural gas hybrids will use electric-drive technology similar to gasoline-powered hybrid vehicles available today, only natural gas will be the power source rather than gasoline.

Natural gas offers significant greenhouse gas advantages.

Compared to gasoline vehicles, natural gas cars produce 29 percent less greenhouse gases.

When car power trains are designed specifically to use natural gas and combined with hybrid technologies, greenhouse gas levels can be reduced by half while providing fuel efficiency to meet or exceed the new federal standards.

“This new collaboration intends to break through the ‘chicken or egg’ barriers that have limited natural gas from being recognized by the public for what it is: the most abundant, efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable domestic fuel for consumer vehicles,” said Bert Kalisch, president of APGA.



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