If you’re about to buy a new electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, you should think seriously about where you’re going to plug it in. Though many of the upcoming cars will plug into standard 110-volt sockets, you’re liable to find the recharging time agonizingly slow.

You therefore might prefer to invest in a dedicated recharging system like the brand-new General Electric WattStation, an easy-to-use residential electric car charger. Following the announcement of a public recharger, GE developed and released its residential WattStation to accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles. How? By significantly decreasing the time needed for vehicle charging. Using smart grid technology, the system additionally allows utility companies to manage the impact of electric vehicles on the local and regional grids.

Functionality combines with consumer-friendly form from renowned industrial design Yves Behar. GE claims its WattStation decreases electric vehicle charging time from 12 to 18 hours to as little as four to eight hours, compared to standard charging “level 1” and assuming a full-cycle charge for a 24 kWh battery.

The good news is that you’ll never have to go to a gas station. The bad news is that it will take you a minimum of four hours for a “fill-up” of electricity.

“The residential WattStation’s easy functionality and design allows for uncomplicated integration of quick electric vehicle charging into your everyday activities,” said Michael Mahan, the WattStation’s global product manager.

If you decide to buy a WattStation or other recharging system, don’t expect to be able to install it yourself over the course of a Saturday afternoon either. GE partnered with ServiceMagic, a website connecting consumers with service professionals, to provide a network of certified electricians for reliable installation of the residential WattStation in consumers’ homes. In addition, GE Capital will provide financing options, enabling consumers to pay for the charger and installation costs over time.


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