By Liz Cruger

I always get myself so freaked out over finals that I’m a complete wreck! Do you have any advice to prevent stress before finals?

I pretty much get worked up over finals no matter what, but here are a few tips for taking the edge off exam stress:

Make a list or schedule, and stick to it.

If you know exactly what you have to do and when, you’ll feel a lot more in control before finals. It’ll also help you prevent stress by avoiding the “Oh, no, I forgot about my history exam!” syndrome.

Get enough sleep.

You’ve heard it before so it’s probably annoying, but I’m saying it anyway. I’ve taken finals after studying all night -- and even done well on them. But you can prevent stress by losing the habit of last-minute cramming -- it just isn’t worth it.

Avoid the library if you absorb the tension of those around you.

My campus library radiates stress vibes during finals week, and it can be distracting. Study in your room --  or at the very least, in secret corners of the library.

Take breathers.

Chilling for an hour to watch TV or grab a snack will help prevent stress before finals by helping you feel more relaxed. One professor told me you should study in 45-minute segments with 15-minute breaks to fully absorb what you’re studying.

Don’t get double-booked.

If you have finals on top of one another, some schools will let you reschedule one or two of them. Go to the Dean of Students Office and request permission to move a final exam. At my school, it’s only allowed under certain circumstances. But if you’re really not handling the pressure and you really want to prevent stress before finals, try it.


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Taking The Edge Off College Exam Stress