By Liz Cruger

As it gets closer to summer, I feel less like studying. How can I keep myself motivated to study so I don’t trash my grades?

Staying motivated to study in the homestretch is never easy, especially when you’re feeling that much closer to sun, fun and relaxation. But if you crumble now, you will not be a happy camper when you get your grades back this summer. Here are some ideas to keep you chugging along:

Think of how much easier it is to maintain a high GPAthan it is to raise one that has dipped. As you take more classes, each new grade impacts your GPA a little bit less. So, especially if you’re a freshman or sophomore, build up a base of good grades -- and then when you’re really tired as a senior, the inevitable little bit of slipping won't mess you up as much.

Make deals with yourself

If you stay motivated to study for two-and-a-half hours or get such-and-such assignment completed, you can go out to dinner with your friends. Cut yourself some mini-deals too. For every 25 minutes you study, you get a “take-five” to Facebook-stalk or just chill.

It can also help to take your work outside when the weather’s nice

Grab your laptop and a book, and get some work done while allowing yourself some fresh air and sunshine. It's not beach volleyball, but it will still keep you motivated to study since it's better than sitting inside and not seeing the light of day.

Make sure you prioritize

If you’re determined to blow off an assignment or two (which I’m way too much of a geek to recommend). Won’t be tested on it? Doesn’t count for a huge percentage of your grade? (No wonder you’re not motivated to study!) Maybe you can just skim the reading or do that paper when you’re not as invested.

The reality of college is that you can’t be at your best all the time. It’s hard on purpose, and sometimes you just can't do everything.

Half the battle is knowing what you need to learn and giving yourself a break on the rest. If all else fails, remember that when you go home with not-so-stellar grades, it could be a looooooong summer with your parents. That should really keep you motivated to study!


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