A growing number of companies are using the tools and disciplines of Big Data to transform their businesses and markets. Its application in the consumer sector is becoming well known, but it is also playing a crucial role in financial services

Agile development methods, which began to evolve more than a decade ago, are poised to impact the emerging field of mobile app development

Add software testing to the numerous IT functions now offered in the cloud. Vendor offerings are sometimes referred to as Testing as a Service, a reference to other cloud products such as Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service

The inability to effectively manage data across both physical and virtual environments has forced IT shops to put off more serious cloud implementations. But there are emerging answers


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  • It's becoming a familiar scene in companies of all sizes: A team works closely together, jumping from instant messages to video conferences to over-the-phone meetings. They collaborate and accomplish goals side-by-side every day -- without ever actually meeting face-to-face. Here's what experts say you need to know about real-time collaboration tools and best practices for implementation

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  • When hiring for a technology position, we focus on core technical competence, real-world experience, dedication and self-motivation.

  • We're in an environment that's changing by the minute, and you always have to be in the know. So before you negotiate a contract, do your research and understand clearly what you are trying to get. Then use that knowledge to negotiate

  • Right now, we're working on a pilot program to accept mobile payments. It would link to a customer's personal credit card information and store it on his or her phone so the customer could use the phone to pay with a credit card at the point of sale. Here's how mobile pay works

  • Advancements in computing technology involve more than simply increasing speed and reducing size and power consumption. Enhancements to features, capabilities and specifications go hand-in-hand with education of the development community and those teaching the trade. Here's four standout projects at universities around the world

  • Murky employment statistics don’t change one truth for IT departments across the country: Companies are still projecting shortages of qualified IT workers, so hanging on to good employees is more critical than ever. You need to think creatively to retain a skilled IT workforce. Here are strategies worth embracing

  • Justin Lassen is no stranger to variety: He's produced remixes for artists ranging from Madonna to Blue Man Group to Lenny Kravitz. He's composed game soundtracks, including tracks for the wildly popular Out of Hell mod for Unreal Tournament created by Long Nguyen. But it was his Synaesthesia project that made it apparent Lassen is far more than meets the eye -- or ear