NFL 2017: Quarterbacks of the Future
Quarterbacks of the Future

Gil Brandt, who oversaw the Dallas Cowboys' personnel department for 29 years and currently shares his gridiron knowledge as a senior analyst for, sees plenty of quarterback talent coming up the pike.

The success of any football team often hinges on the production at the quarterback position.

"The quarterbacks we see in college now are so much more developed passers than the quarterbacks we saw 25 years ago, simply because teams are throwing the ball so much more at the high school and collegiate level," says Brandt. "The increase of personal quarterback coaches can also be attributed to quarterbacks being NFL-ready at a younger age."

Gil Brandt's Top College QBs Today

(Listed Alphabetically)

Josh Allen, Wyoming (6-5/225)

"He was small and not very tall coming out of a small high school program, so the only places that recruited him were junior college. He's a three-year player and he reminds me a lot of Carson Wentz of the Eagles, background wise, from the time he came out of high school to where he is at Wyoming right now."

Jake Browning, Washington (6-2/210)

"Jake had 43 touchdown passes and just nine interceptions in 2016. He's very athletic -- he can run as well as throw it. He has a strong arm, he's an outstanding leader and he will be a good NFL player."

Sam Darnold, USC (6-4/225)

"He started the last nine games of the season last year and they had eight wins. He has a very strong arm and is very athletic. He completed 67 percent of his passes, which is unheard of for a first-year player, and threw 31 touchdowns. This guy's really good."

Luke Falk, Washington State (6-4/215)

"He is a four-year player. He started 12 games in 2016, had 38 touchdowns and completed 70 percent of his passes. He plays in a pass-friendly system and started his career as a walk-on."

Lamar Jackson, Louisville (6-3/200)

"Lamar was the youngest player to win the Heisman Trophy last season. He's very athletic. He threw for 30 touchdowns and only nine interceptions last year, but his forte is running it and he ran for 1,571 yards and 21 touchdowns."

Tanner Lee, Nebraska (6-4/225)

"He's a transfer from Tulane and he has two years of eligibility left. He should help Nebraska win at least nine games this year. He has very good arm talent and he's very smart."

Josh Rosen, UCLA (6-4/210)

"Josh is a true three-year player. He only played six games last year because of a shoulder injury, but he's very smart, has an excellent arm and is athletic. He has rare skills. I think he's a good NFL prospect."

Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State (6-5/230)

"He had 28 touchdown passes last year and only four interceptions. He'll break OSU's records this fall. He has a very good arm but needs some work on his accuracy."



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