By Renae Chiovaro

It’s amazing how many things we accumulate over the years that sit in our closets unused. Reducing clutter will give you renewed energy, allow for organization and maybe earn you a few dollars too! Before sending your purged items to the dumpster, think about ways they can be reused, recycled or swapped.

1. Consider hosting a swap with friends and family.

Trade your purged items for new-to-you items. This is a wonderful way to gather new items without spending money. It is also a great way to recycle.

2. If you have several items that are in good condition, hold a yard sale.

Yard sales take some effort to run, but they can be profitable. Get the kids involved by hosting a lemonade stand too!

3. Craigslist is an easy and free way to list items for sale.

When placing a Craigslist ad, listing a picture of the item will rouse more interest.

4. Donate your items to Goodwill, a thrift store or a local charity.

Many organizations hold yard sales to raise funds. Donating your items is a good way to be charitable without giving money.

5. Sell your items at a consignment store.

Some stores will buy items out right, and others offer a percentage when the item is sold. There is usually a small consignment fee to pay, but it’s worth it if you have several items to consign.

6. If you have purged items that are slightly broken or not working properly, list them on

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Plus, people are always looking for spare parts.

7. When the cleaning is done, think of creative ways to disperse the unwanted items

Having your house organized can lift everyone’s spirits and is an easy way to give. Spring cleaning can be very gratifying in more ways than one!

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