I top basic risotto with roasted shrimp, which is a lovely and easy way to incorporate shrimp into a dish. Just throw it into the oven as the risotto finishes cooking. Here I used tail-on shrimp for some restaurant-style flair

Scallops can be roasted, sautéed, poached or grilled. I like to grill them so they have a crisp outer texture and a creamy interior. Make sure to use the larger sea scallops for this Grilled Pesto Scallops with Balsamic Glaze recipe

Often shrimp cocktails taste rubbery because the shrimp are boiled. Roasting shrimp makes all the difference. Dry high heat keeps the shrimp moist with a pleasing texture. The shallot-citrus coating adds robust flavor and brings out the shrimp's inherent sweetness

This recipe is great for the kitchen novice because it involves the most basic technique in cooking. Make my Tuna and Ricotta Fritters in the middle of this harsh winter and you'll be transported to warm weather bliss



  •   More   Shrimp Brown Fried Rice

    With a few tweaks, fried rice can easily become a healthier takeout dish. In this recipe for Shrimp Brown Fried Rice, brown rice and added vegetables boost fiber and complex carbohydrates

  • This updated French bistro dish makes a simple dinner any night of the week. You might want to consider doubling the batch and using the remaining salmon in a tossed salad the next day

  • A simple fresh salsa, chopped to a pleasing texture in the food processor, is all you need to complement succulent roast salmon. This salsa is endlessly versatile, so try it with other fish, chicken breasts or on top of scrambled eggs

  • This Salmon Tacos with Mango Corn Salsa recipe has a lot of parts, but you can make the salsa and the sauce for drizzling ahead of time. You can even use already cooked salmon if that's what you have on hand

  • This crab and shrimp gumbo recipe comes from Eula Mae Dore, who was the cook at the Commissary on Avery Island, home to the makers of Tabasco sauce. Just as most cooks of her generation did, she learned Cajun cooking by watching

  • If you don't think you like catfish, then somebody didn't do something right. Perfectly fried, Southern-style catfish can be prepared many ways, but I like this recipe the best: a quick dip in hot sauce followed by a crunchy cornmeal coating

  • Grilled fish is a favorite of ours during the summer because it's light and easy -- exactly how cooking should be at this time of year. In this recipe, I call for lake trout. Substitute other fish, such black bass, snapper or striped bass, depending on what is freshest

  • This recipe for scallops with orzo is the ultimate '30-minute meal.' Just pluck off the abductor muscle (the small, tough patch they use to clamp themselves shut), pat them dry, and pan sear for a minute or two. Seriously, it's that easy!

  • The fresh flavors of Southeast Asia season this salmon cakes recipe, making them a little different from the usual mustard- and celery-studded fish cakes. In addition to cilantro, lime juice and minced shallot, fish sauce adds depth and savoriness to the mixture

  • Large, sweet sea scallops marry well with peas and thyme adds a contrasting herbal note to this healthy Scallops and Sweet Peas recipe

  • I like to develop summer recipes that require little cooking time yet offer tasty renditions of classic dishes. This colorful, tangy appetizer recipe is a refreshing change from the traditional shrimp cocktail. In this recipe, I combine shrimp with bay scallops

  • The gnocchi cooks right in the skillet, along with shrimp, shallots, asparagus and Parmesan cheese, in this gnocchi recipe. Look for shelf-stable gnocchi near other pasta. Serve with baby arugula salad with vinaigrette and a glass of pinot grigio

  • One of the iconic dishes of San Francisco is the seafood stew known as cioppino. In this version, all the flavorful vegetables, herbs, spices are there. But, I've bumped up the usual ratio of vegetables to seafood, so the result is lower in calories

  • Coating fish with nuts and baking it is an easy, foolproof way to cook it elegantly. And it is especially nice with a mild white fish like cod or halibut. The spinach turns a little yellowy because it's cooked with the acidic lemon juice

  • Capers have been coveted both as a cooking ingredient and medicine for thousands of years. Capers are sure to enliven any dish and give it a gourmet twist along with a dash of health as in the following Broiled Salmon with Lemon-Caper Vinaigrette recipe

  • I came up with this chowder as a light yet comforting weeknight dinner. The broth skips the usual milk or cream and is instead thickened by pureeing cooked potatoes and aromatics into a flavorful base studded with chunks of white fish and vegetables

  • My recipe for Miso-Glazed Black Cod offers a good example of how you can cook smartly at home by creating meals that feature healthful ingredients while also enjoying delicious foods

  • This salmon teriyaki recipe holds to the Japanese home cooking tradition -- lightly glazed and deeply flavorful, it's made with just four ingredients

  • Fresh herbs make all the difference in this light bean salad that in turn makes an aromatic bed for the easy grilled shrimp.

  • One of the most enjoyable meals I can think of to sit down to on a relaxed, sunny day is a flavorful mixture of seafood brimming with summer vegetables, fish fillets, and steamed clams and mussels

  • This quick-cooking, healthy dinner recipe is a simple combination of zucchini, shrimp and pasta flecked with plenty of fresh basil

  • When summertime's heat begins to drag you down, no main course does a better job of making you feel refreshed and lightened than a main course salad. One of my favorite summer main course salads is Crab Louie

  • A light Asian-style miso and cucumber sauce complements this salmon recipe just right. Serve this with a simple rice pilaf for a satisfying quick dinner

  • These Cajun-style grilled shrimp make a great appetizer or main course. Served with rice and a wedge of lemon, they are a perfect way to usher in summer grilling season

  • This fish sticks recipe is just one of the oven-frying recipes we've created with great success here. You can make these homemade fish sticks in about the same amount of time it takes to bake a box of the frozen kind, but you'll only be eating a fraction of the fat

  • This Marinated Swordfish With Marmalade-Ginger Glaze recipe is a quick yet creative approach to grilling that you can use again and again

  • Not only is this Tandoori Salmon with Pickled Cucumbers recipe healthy and delicious, but it's also easy to prepare. Yes, the ingredients list may look lengthy, but most are pantry staples you can use again and again

  • This is one of those grilled recipes that never go out of style. Old Bay is the secret ingredient here and works magic on many foods, but is particularly delicious on seafood. The following Grilled Shrimp with Old Bay Tequila Lime Marinade recipe is a perfect example

  • The cuisine of Southeast Asia is especially vibrant, defined by a palate that includes sweet, salty, hot, and sour flavors. Perfect for the hot climates where they originated, these foods are uncomplicated to prepare, and inspired the Grilled Shrimp with Southeast Asian Dipping Sauce recipe that follows

  • This Baked Fish, Spinach and Tomatoes recipe is a good template for any type of baked fish. Closing everything up in a packet steams the fish and vegetables while keeping them moist

  • In this recipe, I pair soft-shell crabs with hot chilies and fusilli bucati. It's a supremely delicious, seasonal combination

  • Even without the impeccable produce and beautifully rustic Heath plates found at Chez Panisse, this seafood rendition matches my memory of the original dish

  • You might think that the best way to cook shrimp is to throw them on a grill, pop them under the broiler, or saute them in a hot skillet, but there is an alternative. Roast them! As it turns out roasting shrimp is incredibly easy and practically fail proof.

  • Stir-frying is always a great way to create a fast and healthy meal. Adding edamame to any stir-fry provides cholesterol-free protein and valuable soy protein for heart health. Choose brown rice over white rice for more whole-grain nutrients and fiber. Give it a try with the following Sweet and Sour Shrimp With Asian Vegetables, Pineapple and Brown Rice recipe

  • There are two main requirements for a successful date night dinner: Don't mess it up, and don't take forever getting it to the table. How does a 15-minute shrimp scampi followed by an effortless chocolate mousse sound? While this meal is so easy that it can't go wrong, a little attention to detail will hit it out of the park

  • Occasionally an ideal recipe comes along, and here is one of them. Salt and pepper shrimp need only a skillet (well, two actually) and tongs for turning. They can be cooked indoors or outside on the grill. Any shrimp will do, large or small

  • You'll love this fast and incredibly flavorful Stir-Fried Garlic Shrimp with Snow Peas recipe. The secret to the great ginger flavor is to stir-fry part of the minced ginger and then add the remaining ginger right at the end with the sauce ingredients

  • A bowl of steamed mussels, in a broth so fragrant with garlic and fresh herbs that the taste fills your mouth before you've even slurped the first tender bite, is a food experience like none other. It makes a wonderful appetizer for a festive dinner, but it also makes a surprisingly good mid-week meal

  • Of all the different kinds of shellfish widely available in restaurants and seafood stores across North America, mussels have not received the level of appreciation they deserve. Oddly, that may be because they're already so familiar. Follow my recipe for Mussels Mariniere and you'll find the actual cooking easy

  • Salmon is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, meaning it can help reduce the incidence of depression, improve brain function and lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Combined with this simple glaze, the following Salmon With Asian Ginger Glaze recipe is a quick meal that's good for you and easy to clean up

  • It's hard to believe today, but two and a half decades ago grilled fish was still something of a novelty. 'Oh, you've got to try what Wolfgang does with fish,' people would say when they ate at my first Spago restaurant on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. 'He actually cooks it on the grill!' Today, of course, almost everybody enjoys grilling fish

  • In the following Salmon and Roasted Vegetable Entree Salad Recipe, you can taste the difference oven-roasting makes.

  • Fresh fish, whether cut in fillets or whole, makes a quick and deliciously simple main course, especially for those who are pressed for time. The recipe for Roasted Salmon Fillets Topped with Mustard Herb Butter is a good example

  • As you'll see from my recipe for salmon with celery root puree, a recipe I've prepared in the past for the stars attending the Governors Ball following Hollywood's Academy Awards ceremony, the celery root vegetable cooks as quickly as potato. You can even make this puree in advance

  • If you love burgers but are looking for lighter options, why not forego beef in favor of salmon? These salmon burgers will do the trick.

  • Fresh tuna is endlessly versatile. It can be sauteed, grilled, roasted or even served raw, all with delectable results. Another bonus is that tuna needs only a very short cooking time, even less than most fish. For the light yet flavorful recipe that follows, tuna steaks are coated with sesame seeds, quickly pan seared and then popped into the oven

  • Here's a novel way to use those luscious mangoes now at the height of their season: Puree them with curry and fresh ginger to create a spicy Asian sauce for tuna steaks

  • Grilling fish is a snap: Just 10 minutes for every inch of thickness. Tuna steaks can be even faster -- 6 to 8 minutes -- since they can be eaten rare. Rich in antioxidants, potassium and vitamins A and C, this zesty tropical-fruit salsa complements the heart-healthy, protein-rich tuna

  • The Japanese term tataki refers to quickly searing a piece of seafood or meat to cook just the thinnest at its surface, leaving the interior raw. I like to serve tuna tataki as an appetizer, allowing each guest a small, satisfying taste. Of course, for those who already love sashimi or sushi, feel free to double the portion size and enjoy this as a main course


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  • A simple sauce of piquant green peppercorns, lemon juice and butter top this seared salmon recipe. Green peppercorns come from the same plant as black ones, but are harvested before they mature. Typically packed in vinegar, they have a refreshingly sharp flavor

  • Marinating precooked shrimp in garlic- and lemon-infused oil makes this recipe a simple yet elegant appetizer

  • Very little can better the unadulterated sweetness of heirloom tomatoes. But delicate scallops alla piastra offer a lightness of being that allows the tomatoes to sing. This recipe is easy enough for a weekday meal and impressive enough for a celebratory occasion

  • When it comes to serving wine with seafood, the wine or the fish should not upstage each other in any way. Remaining complementary is key. Here are some of my favorite seafood dishes and the wines I love to serve with them

  • This terrine is delicious as a first course or a light main course. It can be served in overlapping slices on a large platter with crisp crackers. You can also serve it on individual plates with mixed greens

  • The batter, bite-sized morsels, and dipping sauces for tempura are very easy to prepare in advance. Everybody loves the crispy, flavorful results. Serve a steady flow of tempura, and your guests will feel they've really had a memorable holiday party

  • I think you will appreciate the unexpected topping on this bruschetta recipe. If you can find fresh shrimp, you will be rewarded with a double dose of deliciousness. If not, ask your fishmonger for the best-quality shrimp available

  • I love to make this sophisticated recipe for a quick dinner for family or friends. The tangy tomato sauce, with just a touch of vodka flavor, complements the seared, crisped scallops

  • I think of this recipe as clam chowder revisited. No flour, nor is it soupy -- just the essential clam chowder flavors coming together in a fresh approach

  • Some fish tacos are made from fried fish, but I like mine grilled with a spice-rub. This recipe is just that -- it's packed with flavor

  • It doesn't get much easier -- or more delicious -- than this speedy recipe for roast salmon topped with a smoky maple-mustard sauce. The sweetness of the maple balances the tangy mustard

  • This Pan-Seared Fish Fillets with White Bean Ragout and Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette recipe makes a spectacular main course for a casual dinner party or a family supper alike

  • Chinese five-spice powder makes this combo recipe of shrimp, corn, snap peas and bell pepper sublime. Serve with quinoa or brown rice

  • Part of the beauty of this recipe is that the prep is in your kitchen while the fire heats up outside. Then, you just pop outside to brown the fish briefly on all sides on the grill

  • Here's a quick, easy weeknight dinner. You can cook the whole shebang, from start to finish, in about 20 minutes. The recipe calls for Israeli or 'pearl' couscous, which tastes more like barley than traditional couscous, with a large, pearly grain that pops in the mouth

  • It's sweet and spicy, salty from the soy sauce and melting in the middle. It's certainly not the prettiest dish, but it's fast, easy and delicious

  • Use American crayfish in this Italian-style preparation for a supremely delicious combination of Italian flavors and domestic ingredients

  • With this recipe, I smear the salmon skin with butter and sear it skin-side down. The result is not only crispy but also a lovely brown -- it's just delicious

  • In the recipe I share here, the sauce, made with the thickly peeled edible skins of cucumbers, accompanies quickly pan-seared sea scallops dusted with curry powder

  • All of the ingredients for this Garlic-Ponzu Shrimp with Lo Mein Noodles dish, adapted from a recipe developed at my Chinois restaurants, can be easily found in one trip to a well-stocked supermarket

  • In truth, many curries, among my favorites, are those that are beautifully balanced stews or sautes, combining hot and mild, sweet and pungent seasonings to provide very pleasing, well-rounded experiences. Most, like the recipe I share with you here for Coconut Curry Shrimp, don't even require bravery to eat them

  • We try to include ingredients that are considered to bring good fortune to those who eat them. And two of the most important of those ingredients are featured in the recipe I share with you here for Crispy Shrimp with Chinese Noodles and Spicy Garlic-Soy Sauce

  • The following corn-crusted Creole shrimp casserole recipe caught my eye for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is a Seriously Simple style recipe with its easy cleanup. And, secondly, I spotted it in famed pastry chef Mary Cech's new book Savory Baking

  • I offer my recipe for grilled shrimp skewers that incorporate two signature ingredients of the Thai kitchen, ginger and lemongrass

  • Thankfully, healthful and eco-friendly seafood does exist, ranging from the tiny, lobster-like crayfish to the long, large-mouthed barramundi. Enjoy the following sustainable seafood recipes: Salt-Baked Barramundi, Pan-Seared Sablefish with Soy-Sesame Glaze and Dungeness Crab Salad

  • You'll find the following seafood specialities recipes -- Red Trout and Asparagus With Lemon Parsley Sauce, Salmon With Noodles and Leeks, Light and Creamy Seafood Soup With Green Vegetables -- quite extraordinary indeed

  • What makes California White Sea Bass so good? It's a satisfyingly thick, meaty fish with a pure, mild flavor. It's ideal for baking, pan searing, and grilling since it won't fall apart and can withstand all types of chunky salsas that are tossed on top of it.

  • A perfect example of the pleasures of good, simple ingredients can be found in abundance right now in supermarkets and farmers' markets: cherry tomatoes. In fact, peak-of-season cherry tomatoes are so flavorful that you don't even have to cook them to turn them into a fantastic sauce for seafood featured in the following Pan-Seared Sea Bass with Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette recipe

  • I like to make this New Orleans style seafood gumbo for New Year's Eve dinner because much of the work can be made ahead, leaving me more time to enjoy with my friends

  • Halibut is a perfect fish for letting your culinary fantasies run wild. Meaty yet very mild, moist, and tender, it goes well with so many different combinations of flavors. Make sure you purchase halibut that is wild-caught Pacific halibut from Alaska.

  • Grilling is an especially delicious way to prepare salmon fillets, and the technique doesn't have to be limited to warm-weather months. Don't mask the salmon flavor with heavy sauces. Instead make a sweet-hot orange salsa to balance the rich taste of the fish

  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is the ultimate superfood. Add teriyaki sauce and sweet grilled pineapple, and your kids will think it's super too

  • Wild salmon is so flavorful, it only needs a little olive oil and salt and pepper and it cooks in minutes. It's at the height of the season now. Give the following Wild Salmon with Asparagus and Roasted Pepper Penne Pasta recipe a try

  • Salmon is a perfect summer main course. It can be poached, roasted or grilled with equally great results. Always looking for more interesting flavors, I developed this preparation in which the salmon is first lightly cured and then finished on the grill. It has a decidedly pleasant flavor and texture

  • Grilling is one of the best ways I know to prepare fish, as the intense direct heat cooks the delicate flesh quickly, giving it a beautifully browned, slightly smoky surface while keeping the interior wonderfully moist.

  • When you're entertaining in summer, something cool and refreshing is the way to go. You want something you can prepare in advance, ready to serve with drinks. It also helps if the dish works equally well as a sit-down first course or as a tray-passed hors d'oeuvre. One of my favorite stuffed-vegetable appetizer recipes is the following Crab-Stuffed Sweet Spanish Peppers recipe

  • Crab cakes are delicious even when it seems they're more cracker or breadcrumbs than crab. So it's just that much more delightful to bite into the kind of crab cake that Atlanta chef Kevin Walker makes, which uses a scant 2 ounces of ground cracker crumbs for every 20 ounces of crab. These are truly crab crab cakes. Here's Chef Kevin Walker's Famous Cherokee Crab Cakes

  • It's full of flavor, seasoned with citrus juice and marmalade, ginger and garlic. It's also beautiful, because those seasonings caramelize to form a tempting mahogany-brown glaze on the finished dish. And finally, it's healthy -- because the main ingredient is fish

  • Steaming is an ideal way to cook delicate fish filets that might otherwise fall apart or dry out if you try to saute, grill, or roast them. And it has one big advantage: instead of having flavor leave the fish and enter the cooking water, steam allows all of the flavor to stay inside the fish.

  • Beyond their appeal in a cocktail, tequila and limejuice in combination add a flavor punch to mild-tasting fish such as tilapia and cod. You won't taste the alcohol, but the tequila's smoky, herbal flavor will shine through

  • For an upcoming dinner where the guests are likely to be post-holiday dieters, I have found a menu that will miraculously tempt their palates while ignoring their waistlines. It centers around a Tandoori-style fish recipe.

  • In this dish, fresh clams are served in a light tomato broth, accented with garlic and white wine. The garlic provides a touch of creaminess and a nutty, tame hint of garlic flavor. As a variation, spoon the clams and steaming liquid over hot linguini. This also works well with fresh New Zealand mussels

  • Here's an unusual citrus take on crab cakes. Juicy grapefruit accents the crab flavor and cuts the richness of the butter sauce. Pink grapefruit makes a pretty presentation. These crab cakes are full of chunky crab pieces with a bare minimum of bread to bind them together

  • Seafood and San Francisco are a great combination. The Italian residents there paired the area's abundant fresh seafood with tomatoes and basil to make cioppino, a light dish perfect for summer dining